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International Conference on Education was recently held this time by FKIP Unmuh Jember. However, even if held for the first time, the committee prepared a draft of this international conference with a mature and professional. The international conference will be held two days, Saturday and Sunday, 30 to 31 July 2016 for Ahmad Building ZAINURI Unmuh Jember. This is proven by many participants in the international conference of the various countries. Carrying five countries participated in this international conference, the Philippines, Thailand, Poland, Indonesia and Australia. Based on available data, there were 56 speakers who are ready to present their studies or research at the international conference on parallel class. The speakers are pengaji education in several disciplines, ranging from studies in English Education, Indonesian Education, Mathematics Education, Biology Education, Early Childhood Education and Islamic Education. The speakers are academics at various universities, teachers and students. Keynote speaker at the international conference is also presented from various countries. Mr. Dammang S. Bantala of the Philippines, Mr. Sukree Langputeh of Thailand, Ms. Uum Qomariyah of Russia and Three speakers from Indonesia, Karna Ocky Radjasa, Muhammad Hazmi, and Aminullah Elhady. The theme of this international conference is Innovative TeachingPractices in the Global Era: Teacher Challenge or Change. There are several sub-themes are also an interesting study and is being discussed in the learning activities or education. Such as Information Communication Technology in Teaching, Teaching Methods, Learning Assessment, Multicultural Education, School-Based Practice, Islamic Persepective in Education, Teachers Voice, Classroom Practice, Early Childhood Education, and Other Educational Research. Because the so-called international conference, all papers written in English, the activities in the conference will also be used in English. This is certainly the main attraction of the conference, a challenge and an opportunity to learn together. Of course, there will always be good and benefits that will be felt by the participants of the international conference. The committee has been set up in such a way the implementation of the activities of the International Conference on this carefully. First day of the seminar will be preceded by the opening ceremony. Furthermore, there will be material submitted by the main speaker. On the first day of implementation, three keynote speakers are ready to present a variety of innovations in the world of education, namely Prof. Ocky Karna Rajasa, Ph.D., Ir. Muhammad Hazmi, DESS., And Prof. Sukree Langputeh. On the second day, the main speaker was Dammang S. Bantala, Ph.D., Dr. Aminullah Elhady, and Uum Qomariyah, M.Pd. Speakers at the parallel class will also be presented in two days, Saturday and Sunday. Speakers will present their studies within the time duration up to 30 minutes are divided into classes in Building Alfanani Unmuh Jember. For information and a schedule has been distributed to the speakers and presenters for the smooth implementation of the international conference date of July 30 to 31, 2016. There are activities that are also very interesting. The international conference participants can enjoy the beauty of Jember, ie with a visit to the bay Love Payangan Jember or J88, Countryside above the Clouds Jember. Participants can register on the committee to pay for transportation services 50 thousand. Bids interesting is not it? Sharing is for sure, enjoy the beautiful nature Jember was an incredible bonus. We members of the committee of the International Education Conference (IECO) like to welcome all parcipant either speaker or participant. Congratulations to share knowledge and kindness.


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