Holds Workshop For Sex Education Early Childhood

In the year 2015/2016 faculty research team Unmuh Jember Dra. Endang Tri Jatmikowati., M.Si and Ria Wind., M.Sc., a grant competition of Kemenristek Higher Education. The funds were obtained by sending proposals is preceded by the title of Model Development and Early Childhood Sex Education Materials. To prevent children from sexual sex anesthetic. To realize the results of the study, the research team held a workshop for Sex Education for Early Childhood. In the first year the team has been to identify how to develop these programs because we know cases of children at an early age it happens everywhere and the numbers instead of diminishing it grows. Whilst most of the other teachers who have not received or have difficulty in delivering materials on child sex. So there is a kind of constraint that comes from culture to convey sensitive matters related to sex. The second year we carried out tests on the findings of the model we have created and has spawned two books pertamama the development of books and materials model of sex education early age that both guides teachers in presenting the material of sex in early childhood. "Hopefully with these two books adannya difficulty in presenting material teacher sex or to provide sex education at an early age can be overcome. So expect the number of teachers who already know metodennya children will gain knowledge in addition they will also be able to advocate dirinnya if at any time of sexual violence against dirinnya, "said Ria Wind as a member of the research team. Denagn adaanya this study, the research team malakukan kegitan first workshop was held on 20 July 2016 in kindergarten early childhood Yasmin Unmuh muddy. After the workshop the next action will also be done micro teeching to the participants as a measure of sustainability of the workshop. Participants in this workshop were teachers tk / ECD in a cluster district. The series of the program after the workshop participants there will be micro teeching for four weeks in a sustainable manner and then at the end of the week the participants of this workshop will be reassembled to present their work during the previous four weeks to measure the success rate. In worksop also invite speakers fiesta mother to child psychology experts yumpi and accompanied in the manufacture of technical RPP (principal lesson plan) as a provision for teachers to their students. "This kind of activity is the contribution of education to the community" added Ria ". (AI)


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